2019 Topps Heritage High Number Baseball Hanger Box (35 Cards)

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2019 Topps Heritage High Number Baseball Hanger Box (35 Cards)

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$55 00

2019 Topps Heritage High Number Baseball Cards RETAIL - Continue collecting the classic 1970 Topps Baseball design and complete your set! Find spectacular rookie call-ups and traded veteran players. Once again, major highlights of Heritage High Numbers ine Real One Autographs, Clubhouse Collection Autograph Relics and much more!! RETAIL EXCLUSIVE - 1970 TOPPS PLAYER STORY BOOKLETS - Replicating the 1970 Topps Player Story Booklets and featuring top veteran and rookie players!

Configuration(s): Hanger Box - 35 cards

This is the rookie year cards for Tatis and Vlad Guerrero.

Autograph & Relic Cards Heritage High Number Autographs Real One - Retired and active players sign ON-CARD autographs in blue ink. Select cards will feature players that appeared for the last time on a Topps card in 1970. Real One Special Edition - Signed in red ink, hand-numbered to 70 or less. Clubhouse Collection Autograph Relics - Uniform and bat relic cards to be signed ON-CARD by active and retired players. Hand numbered to 25 or less. 1970 Baseball Cut Signatures - Featuring players who made the news in 1970, #'d 1-of-1. 1970 Celebrity Cut Signatures - Featuring musicians and celebrities that were popular in 1970, #'d 1-of-1. Heritage High Number Relic Cards Clubhouse Collection Single (w/ Gold Parallel #'d to 99), Dual (#'d /70), Triple (#'d /25), Quad (#'d /10). Heritage High Number Insert Sets Rookie Performers - Top rookie players not captured in the first Heritage set. Now and Then - Highlights from the 2018 season and connections to 1970. Combo Cards - Featuring multiple players from the same franchise. Award Winners - Cards featuring the biggest awards in MLB and the corrsponding winner. 1970 Topps Scratch Offs - Replicating the 1970 Scratch Offs. 1970 Topps Player Story Booklets - Replicating the 1970 Topps Player Story Booklets. Highlighting top verteran and rookie players - RETAIL EXCLUSIVE! Heritage High Number Base Set, Parallels, Variations Base Set - 200 cards, showcasing 200 veterans and rookie players who did not appear in Heritage. Collect all 25 High-Numbered Short-Printed cards! Mini Variations - #'d to 100 Base Card Variations: Silver Metal Base Variations (printed on metal stock), Error SPs, Trade Variations, Throwback Uniform, Nickname Chrome Parallels: Refractor #'d to 570, Black-Bordered #'d to 70, SuperFractor #'d 1/1, Chrome HOT BOX Refractor VALUE BOXES ONLY!

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